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New IoT module added to RE'FLEKT work augmentation platform

Source:RE'FLEKT     Date:2021-03-17
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RE'FLEKT has added a new IoT module to the REFLEKT ONE Work Augmentation Platform, allowing industrial companies for the first time to easily visualise live data from machines and devices in AR instructions. This helps to counteract unnecessary downtime and delays in manufacturing, service and training as a result of travel restrictions, closed facilities and limited access to machines and equipment in this time of pandemic.

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With the integration of Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT platform, the REFLEKT ONE user’s virtual perspective is enriched with real-time machine data and advanced analytics. Both tools are self-service solutions that make integrating new IoT instruments much easier for technicians and service personnel. The modular Work Augmentation Platform offers companies industry- specific solutions and makes integration into existing systems possible - via connections to PLM systems as wells as CAD and XML integrations.

“The combined self-service approach of both platforms enables our enterprise customers to easily feed the operational data from their industrial machines into their own AR solutions, making information available to their on-site staff in manufacturing, service and training,” comments Wolfgang Stelzle, CEO and founder of RE'FLEKT.

The new IoT & AR Suite optimizes Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) processes which in return increases productivity. The most significant savings occur in the areas of service, support and training:

In service, first-time fix rates can be increased by 40%; in support, half the costs can be saved; and in training, training times can be reduced by up to 40%. Overall, knowledge transfer can be improved by around 70%.

Simple setup
Connect All kind of assets connect securely with Cumulocity IoT and are managed with a complete set of device management features.

Observe Asset conditions are monitored with self-service dashboards visualized onto the devices. The asset´s health and condition can be analysed with easy-to-use analytics tooling.

Resolve If anomalies occur, the user has the option to react immediately via on-demand access to expert knowledge. Feedback and manual user input is captured straight away during the MRO work with intuitive AR tools.

Feedback Routine feedback loops can be easily integrated into the respective IT systems or cloud services via prebuilt connectors. Follow-up processes or activities with flow-based logic description can be triggered.


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