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Winners of 2021 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards

Source:Plastics News Asia     Date:2021-03-18
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The much-anticipated ceremony for the 2021 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards - Plastics Industry was held on March 9 at Longemont Shanghai. This year saw a grand celebration attended by the winners from leading companies, representatives from industry associations, media and other sectors to witness the major developments and trends in products and technologies relevant to the plastics industry.


The awarding ceremony also put into the limelight the innovative spirit of the plastics industry and how this has been meeting the challenging times through the latest products and technologies that competed in various categories. The number of companies nominated has increased by 48.5% over last year. The registered products covered nine categories: Plastics Raw Materials & Additives, Rubber / Elastomers & Additives, Injection Moulding, Extrusion / Blow Moulding, Moulds & Components (including Hot Runner Related Technologies), Auxiliary Equipment, Measuring & Testing, Automation and Other Innovative Products / Technologies. As has been known in the industry, the selection process for the 2021 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards - Plastics Industry has followed the principle of honesty, fairness and transparency. This year, 36 innovative products and technologies were recognised as winners by the independent panel of experts from industry associations and scientific research institutions, combined with the results of an online voting.


The awarding ceremony began with Ms. Liu Yiling, Vice President of Ringier Industrial Media, delivering an opening speech.


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Ms. Liu Yiling, Vice President, Ringier Industrial Media


Ms. Liu mentioned that 2020 was an extraordinary year. In the face of various difficulties brought about by the Covid-19 and challenging international events, the performance indicators of the plastics industry in China hit bottom, but started to pick up. At present, the major downstream industry for plastics has recovered, especially in sectors such as medical and health, new energy vehicles, takeaway and consumer goods packaging, and 5G, which could provide bright future prospects.  


For more than 20 years since entering the plastics industry in China, Ringier has been honoured to witness and be part of the industry's growth and development, according to Ms. Liu. But that's not enough. The media, as the "third eye" of the industrial ecosystem, can also create a platform within its own sphere of influence to promote the plastics industry by recognising companies in the industry that are making products more efficient through technological innovation or providing new opportunities to the market. 


Mr. Hou Peimin, Deputy Secretary General of the Plastic Trade Association of Shanghai, as a representative of the panel of judges, also commented on the selection process. Mr. Hou said that he felt greatly honoured to be invited again as the guest representative of the panel of judges for the Ringier Technology Innovation Awards to express the warmest congratulations to the winning enterprises. "All panel members have reviewed the development and technical background, product innovation highlights, and third-party experimental data in the registration materials, verifying the supporting materials (including identification, invention or utility model patent materials).” After careful consideration, Mr. Hou said that the panel chose the outstanding products and technology, the best of the breed! In this process, the panel members also recognised that more young business entities participating in this contest and having made extraordinary achievements. He also cited that these innovative products may change the pattern of a domestic market: “New market opportunities may emerge, perhaps these can successfully replace the import of certain products. This event is a review of the innovative spirit of China's plastics industry.” Following the recovery of the industrial sector and the alleviation of the impact of Covid-19, more plastics companies are taking technological innovation as a strong weapon to stabilise and improve their market competitiveness. 


The highlight of the ceremony was the handing of the trophies to the winners. The five special guests were requested to present the trophies and congratulate the awardees. The guests were: Ms. Liu Yiling, Vice President of Ringier Industrial Media, Mr. Hou Peimin, Deputy Secretary General of the Plastic Trade Association of Shanghai, Mr. Jiang Hongyan, Vice President of R&D Support and Shared Service, Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhang Aimin, Director of Polymer Synthesis Theory and Technology Research Department, Polymer Research Institute of Sichuan University, and Mr. Sun Zhongmin, Director of Expert Committee, Shanghai Household Electric Appliance Profession Association.

As a finale, the representatives participating in the ceremony took a group photo, marking another successful ceremony for this year’s Ringier Technology Innovation Awards - Plastics Industry.

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